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Poetry, Quizzes, Poetry, Quizzes....

It never fails does it? Either Poetry or silly quiz results. Can't ever sit here and talk about me can we!...Well, I didn't make this for any sort of therapy. lol. SO I guess IT'S FINE! Look at me being the bitter one screaming from the window way up top to the left...GET OFF MY LAWN....But the building is on fire....
Ok, here's the poetry:

-Light like/is-
i write to you in leaves,
from walls of grey that shine with yellow,
Here falls the crows.
In droves they come to follow
up hills and down roads.
Across the way stand mountains
icy blue in distance,
tall on the horizon.
Aching my soul for beauty
and beauty is everywhere.
Trees crooked, cracking
elegant like sex; but lacking
because in this valley, I am alone.
Your silence is curious.

open holes in my head
wounds in my eyes
for you to bleed into,
weep the nails that float and swagger
down this in haste to an empty place
A place where they wouldn't be alone
Sometimes I ache,
somedays I just want to be held (not too close)
in understanding, and in love
to you, love
and to you, empathy
to you, my heart, if it could fly. . .
One day I will sing and everyone will hear me.

--Felt it-
Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy
but I really like crayons.
to color everyone beautiful,
just as beautiful as you wish you could be.
When in all actuality, your sin is gorgeous.
Nothing is appealing about innocence.
What use is a white canvas? or smooth unmarred flesh.
Gawky awkward virgins.....
Scars give character
scars give reason to linger
impurity is divine.

and all things froze
the blade upright,
in a hand
pointed back
at the wrist
won the fight; now adrift
slides through veins
pours like water
through the blood
courses in slaughter
heart beat
quick breath
fall to the floor
rise to the ceiling
still alive.
rises to her knees,
eyes the cut
can't think.
won't drink from the wounds
assumes she's dead
and He falls asleep.

it's that warm feeling i get when i think of love,
it's that euphoric joy for no reason,
it's that peace, that beauty. . .
those whispers from long ago,
it was you.

Hey, my pal bryan is wicked awesome...I know it isn't poetry, but he's my new friend and he's verily cool. It's weird how you don't know people for ever, but then you meet them and it's like how in the fuck were you not their friend your whole life....Just saying he', a friend I never knew I had my whole life. Craziness....
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